WRTS Hickory Fundraiser

We Rock the Spectrum - Hickory

Get Ready to Rock Hickory, North Carolina!

Colleagues in a North Carolina public school system and friends who dream of opening a center for individuals with autism and their families are so excited to be owners of We Rock the Spectrum Hickory.

We are eager to meet the needs of families in Hickory and the surrounding area. We know firsthand how difficult it is to find a safe, supportive environment for all young people to feel included and develop independence and improve their social skills. So we set out to establish a much-needed facility to bring families and professionals together with a common goal of teaching independence, inclusion, and acceptance!

We Rock the Spectrum Hickory will be the perfect place to develop lifelong friendships, practice social skills, empower older individuals with disabilities, and foster community partnerships that will last a lifetime!

Thank you in advance for your support and prayers as we open our facility to answer the hopes and dreams of so many in our community!

Kathryn Grandgenett and Tracey Holton.

Tracey Holton

I’m a mother of four children ages 9, 17, 20, & 22. I’m also a National Board certified teacher with 22 years experience teaching students with autism and related conditions. My teaching career began in general education, but after working with my first student with autism I found my calling and never looked back. Currently, I serve as an Autism and Behavior Specialist for a public school district and I’m a BCBA for a private ABA company in North Carolina.

I’m excited about this latest opportunity and look forward to serving communities in Catawba, Caldwell and surrounding counties by providing quality services for individuals with disabilities and their families. My passion is helping children learn to communicate with their loved ones and gain independence, as well as encourage their strengths which can grow into leisure skills and vocational possibilities. Outside of work I love horses, spending time with my kids, and a good cup of coffee.  I receive daily encouragement that this is God’s plan for me to contribute to the world and my song of inspiration has been Matthew West’s “Do Something.”

I’m ready to Do Something!

Kathryn Grandgenett

As a mother of two children ages 15 and 11, I’ve searched Hickory and the surrounding areas for several years looking for inclusive opportunities for my son Liam who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4. This mission led me to discover the great need that many families in our area have; families are looking for opportunities for their child to play, improve social skills and practice independence, a place where families with similar struggles can find support, respite and a sense of community. I can’t wait to bring this amazing opportunity to Hickory by opening We Rock The Spectrum Hickory because it will benefit so many families in our area!

As a National Board certified teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience, I’ve taught middle school language arts, English as a second language and special education. I hold a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and my passion is to find ways of helping newcomers to our area find support and services both in and outside of school, especially children with autism from diverse cultures. While opening our We Rock The Spectrum Hickory, I will continue my role as an educator and will guide families like mine to this great center! I’ve been active in the Hickory International Council and have loved getting to know the counties of Burke, Caldwell and Catawba since moving here in 1998 from Ontario, Canada. My faith is a huge part of my life and I don’t believe in coincidences!

I’m very excited about this opportunity not only for Liam, but for all of the individuals who will come through our doors. Our center will transform our community into one that embodies inclusion for children and families from diverse cultures and abilities!