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We Rock the Spectrum - Columbus

Hello We Rock Community,

My name is Meagan Horn, owner of We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym – Columbus, OH. Although I am still at the beginning of my We Rock journey, it has been amazing to be able to connect with the families of the Columbus community. It has been an honor to be able to provide this safe haven for you all and to begin to witness all of your kiddos reach incredible milestones. I wish I was reaching out under better circumstances.

My cousin, Lacey Williams, lost her 2-year-old in a tragic accident.  We are 5 months apart and were best friends growing up. We spent many weekends together at a local waterpark and at Indian Lake (Ohio). I have some of the fondest memories from my childhood with her. In her late 20s, she moved to Florida and got married. I got to go down for her wedding (while 7 months pregnant!). Again, another fun family memory!

A few years ago, her dad (my uncle) was in a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down and in a nursing home in order to receive the care he needed.  She fought tirelessly to get the best care for him while raising her own family. In February 2019, my uncle passed away due to complications that came with his injuries.  Unfortunately, tragedy seems to follow her.

On Wednesday, May 12th,  Elliot (her 2-year-old son) passed away in a tragic accidental drowning. In his passing, his parents chose to donate his organs and he was able to save 3 other children.  He was such a sweet, sweet loving boy with the biggest doe eyes you’ve ever seen. He had 3 beautiful older brothers, Tyler, Eli and Ethan, who loved him dearly.  He loved to work on his motorcycle (tricycle) beside daddy.

Elliot spent some time in the ICU before he was called Home. His medical care and passing unfortunately are accompanied by some very large medical bills.

Please visit our GoFundMe campaign below for more information and to leave a donation (left side). If you would prefer to receive a tax write-off for your donation, please use the MBRTS donation option (right side) listed below. My Brother Rocks the Spectrum Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization. 100% of the donations made to My Brother Rocks the Spectrum Foundation for this campaign will be donated to the Williams family to help give some financial relief during this devasting time in their family. Any help to relieve some of that burden would be greatly appreciated.

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