WRTS Chesapeake Fundraiser

We Rock the Spectrum - Chesapeake

Get ready to rock out in Chesapeake, VA! Both Whitney and Mary are no stranger to supporting children. Both owners are parents and have a host of nieces & nephews that they adore. When Whitney & Mary learned about We Rock the Spectrum, they knew the organization aligned with their values of inclusion, equality, and family preservation. Bringing We Rock the Spectrum to Chesapeake will provide many families access to sensory play equipment, professionals that value person centered support, and a place where people of all ages can explore their sensory needs. Virginia has a long waiting list before families can access the Medicaid Waiver and many other resources. We Rock the Spectrum Chesapeake plans to relieve many of those burdens through onsite programs and collaborations with local organizations. We Rock the Spectrum Chesapeake is also installing an adult changing table in one of the bathrooms. The installation of this changing table will maintain the dignity of the adolescents & adult members visiting the gym and relieve caregivers from seeking adequate “changing spaces”during a moment that should remain personal. Contributions will allow our location to provide scholarships to families that need access to various therapies, assistive technology, and more.

Mary Hassell

Mary is a Logistics Officer for the United States Army. She currently serves as a Company Commander responsible for the health and welfare of 141 Soldiers and their families. She ensures that her Soldiers are ready to support this Country whenever they are called upon. She has served in the United States Army for 12 years. Mary has served in Korea, Hungary, and Afghanistan. She has been honored and recognized for her dedication to service and has received several awards and decorations. Most notable is the Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Medal.

Mary received her bachelor’s degree in business management from South Carolina University. She has also graduated from several military schools to include the Army Logistics University as a Master Logistician. Mary has three beautiful children, Riley 5, Ryder 2, and Gabrielle 8 months. Mary’s fiancée Darryl is an engineer and looks forward to supporting his new family as well. Mary has learned over the years that service is a lifelong commitment, and she is most fulfilled when she is serving others. As she prepares to exit the military in the next few years, she was searching for a position that would allow her to continue to serve people and she believes she’s fulfilled that in becoming an owner of We Rock the Spectrum!

Whitney K. Aulston

Whitney K. Aulston is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is the CEO/Founder and lead Behavior Specialist of LEAF Behavior Support, LLC, located in Virginia Beach. Whitney earned her BA in Sociology from South Carolina State University, a Masters of Arts & Teaching from Liberty University, and has taken coursework in Applied Behavior Analysis from Saint Joseph’s University & Capella University. Whitney has been endorsed as a PBS- F, which is a Positive Behavior Support Facilitator recognized in the state of Virginia since 2017. Whitney serves on the endorsement board for Positive Behavior Support Facilitators with the Public Partnership under Virginia Commonwealth University.

Whitney’s personal philosophy of education is that all education is special education; all people have the ability to learn once their style of learning is discovered. Whitney has worked at various schools and facilities including New Hope Treatment Centers, Sheppard Pratt Health System, The Children’s Guild and has served as a Family Consultant for various Autism Waiver providers across the state of Maryland.

Whitney also provides various training to corporations seeking to increase their knowledge and awareness of mental health challenges and other disabilities. These training courses have extended to behavior health organizations that desire to receive professional development for their internal team members, and DBHDS licensed organizations that need support meeting behavior competency and other requirements.

Whitney is the author of 5 books. The most popular books include “A Happy Lemon Combo (Mindset Shifting Lessons Through Life’s Bitter Moments & A Happy Lemon Workbook) and, “Antecedents, Behaviors, & Consequences: A Person-Centered Behavior Tracking Log”. When Whitney isn’t working or advocating for those whose voices are often hidden, she enjoys spending time with her husband, children and striking up conversations with new people over a cup of tea.