Activities for Special Needs Children at We Rock The Spectrum Tarzana

Have you gotten frustrated searching for activities for special needs children? You know they are out there and you really want your children to be able to participate in them and take advantage of a more direct approach to social, sensory, and physical development and growth. You are in luck because the programs you are searching for are offered at We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym. They offer many different classes and playtimes aimed at the growth and development of both special needs children as well as children who are typically developing.

The programs and classes offered are great for any family because many families with special needs children will also have some typically developing children. This makes We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym a great place to go for these classes and developmental sessions because they offer programs for all types of kids. These points directly to their ideal of offering programs that are all inclusive for the entire family to be able to enjoy and develop together.

Classes for all children begin at an age as young as 12 months old and continue until the child reaches age 18. The activities for special needs children offer many developmental instructions and a lot of fun. During these classes the children develop stronger social, motor and sensory skills as well as working on their strength to help them develop large and small muscle groups.

In addition to actual classes We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym offers a story-time once a month for the children to meet and hear a story from an author of children’s books. This is a very special and unique experience offered by the team and really can be a great event for any family to enjoy together.